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Bring Your Web and Mobile App to life with Avatars from

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Virtual Hackathon:

Sept 23-Oct 16




Awards Ceremony:

October 22, 2015



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Announcing the Finalists!

  • Dance Off / Dance Challenge 
  • Exlodibur                                              
  • Fashion Fu 
  • IMVU Hazard Runners 
  • IMVUPhotoReal                             
  • Inside Art                            
  • Miss Enigma Pagent                        
  • Mission Liberty VR                            
  • Outta Ma' Way!                                    
  • VR Rooms (IMVU)                              
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Hack With Me will empower small teams of developers, artists, and designers to create avatar-based, interactive web and mobile apps in Unity. 

New APIs, Along with Unity, are generating enormous potential for the future of social connection.  These powerful media platforms enable users to have more expressive communication and develop more meaningful relationships online

We believe the 3D avatar will become the ultimate vehicle for human connection and self expression in the global virtual community that go beyond only 2D text, images, and videos.

We challenge these teams to create and showcase cutting edge games and virtual experiences that redefine the power of social connectivity.












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Kick Off at Unity Unite in Boston

September 21-23


Virtual Hackathon

September 23-October 16


Semi-Finalists Announced

October 19


Award Event and Cocktail Party in San Francisco

October 22

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